-How will the strategy be delivered to my Tradetron account?

Upon successful payment, you will be contacted via mobile number for the delivery. Strategy templates would be shared via private links. Using these links, the strategy templates can be duplicated in your Tradetron account without any hassle. The duplication process literally takes about 10 seconds.


-How long will it take for the strategy to be delivered to my Tradetron account?

Usually the delivery would happen within 6-24 Hrs.


-I accidentally deleted/modified  the strategy template which was delivered to me. Will I get the delivery again?

Users are strongly advised to make sufficient copies before they engage in modification/deletion of the delivered strategy templates. Under no case the startegy template would be delivered again.


-Will I be a profitable Trader once I purchase and use these strategy templates?

No, AlgoTRONN or any of its associates do not claim that a user will turn out to be profitable Trader once he/she purchase and uses these strategy templates. These strategy templates are provided with intention to help to save time of creation which otherwise would take Hours to create. Users are strongly advised to understand the rules of the strategy, check if it fits their Trading style , Risk appetite and Capital and only then go ahead with the purchase. Once delivered, Users can also make copies and tweak the strategy parameters as per their requirement. 


-Will I get Performance History or Backtest Reports with every strategy template?

No, none of the strategy templates come with Historic Performance Report or Backtest Reports. As per SEBI's latest regulatory circular on Algo Trading, No Algo Trading Platforms should display or take reference to any historic performances in the description or in any other place on their website. Backtesting and optimizing  a strategy is a continuous process. Users are encouraged to Backtest the strategies as per Tradetron's Backtest Documentation given at


-Would AlgoTRONN provide any Trading or Investment Tips or Calls?

No, AlgoTRONN or any of its associates do not provide Trading or Investment Tips/Calls in any format whatsoever. If any Tips provider claims to be an associate of AlgoTRONN, please be cautions and do not fall for such false claims. AlgoTRONN is a coding service provider and not an advisory firm. None of the strategies templates shared in this website are to be considered as a Trading or investment advise. AlgoTRONN or its associates would not be in any way responsible for any profit/loss generated through the use of our strategy templates and/or services.


-Once I purchase the strategy template, will I get support if there is any issue?

Yes, support will be provided in case of any code related issue in the strategy template.


-Do I need to fill in all the details in the checkout form?

Since this is a digital product, we would not need your physical address. However,since few of the fields are mandatory, you need to fill the details. This would be a one time process just like how it is in any other e-commerce website.

-Why is it necessary for me to verify the mobile number?

We would need the mobile number to contact you to deliver the strategy template. Also, when you verify the mobile number, there will be a unique account created for you to log in. You can then track all your purchases and do hassle free checkouts the next time you visit the website.


-How to verify the mobile number?

When you add any item to the cart and click on Continue, there would be a Sign In box that pops up. Enter your mobile number and then click on Send OTP Button. You will receive an OTP from our Web Partner Dukaan. You can then use this OTP to verify your account


-How to Contact Us?

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